Hi, I’m John Stanforth, and welcome to stanforth.org, my ongoing catalog of thoughts, ideas, and mental meanderings. This site archives my perspectives like the rings in a tree trunk, like slices of time that will inevitably morph and evolve with better information and better technology. Or at least, that’s the plan.

As interests go, technology is pretty high on my list. A UCLA-trained software architect and developer, I’ve designed and developed Internet applications since 1992, primarily working with high-volume scalable C++ web services since 1995, and with Java since 2001. Along the way, I’ve worked with brilliant and talented people at companies like Quantity, Scalara Technologies, ValueClick, Search123, Enabled Paradigm, JTEK Interactive, Bleu22 Studios, Digital Insight, Carsey-Werner, and CyberMatrix Networks. The client lists of these companies, in turn, represent every major brand of the Internet and entertainment industries, as well as thousands of banks and credit unions nationwide. It’s been a wild and crazy ride here in the dot-com decade, and I’ve had a blast with my small part in it.

My love of technology also powered a decade of entrepreneurship, in a series of ventures ranging from PC consulting for Sears Roebuck in 1990-1991, to co-founding a new Los Angeles web dev firm in 1995, and working on award-winning high-profile sites with JTEK Interactive, Bleu22 Studios, and Enabled Paradigm in the late 1990s. By 2002, though, I was exhausted from the entrepreneur’s lifestyle and its 100-hour work weeks and got venture development firm JSL Dragonfly, Ltd. to acquire my ventures. I no longer work for JSL/D, but occasionally help out with strategic planning or technology questions.

These days, I’m primarily focused on an economics degree at UCLA (I studied International Relations there ten years ago), and also volunteer for several projects, including the Tollana non-profit organization and our fun little BransonBlog. I also manage the open-source Scalara.org project, admittedly a niche project to deliver C++ web services in these days of Java and.NET prevalence. But it’s a powerful platform that I’ve been working on for ten years now, and something I’m proud of. And now, our open-source version can power our non-profit projects without the $100K price tags we used to charge in the late 1990s!

At the end of the day, my real reward comes from working with talented developers using technology elegantly and efficiently, working with great teams that leave ego and pettiness at the door, and working on challenging systems that scale gracefully to build new market leaders. The Internet’s connectivity brings opportunities from all directions, from great projects for major companies to small, focused open source groups that may eventually challenge the dominant players. And best of all, if you’re committed to a fun project, this is a time when you can make it happen even without corporate backing.

All in all, it’s a very good time to be alive, and I’m grateful each day for this amazing adventure that’s been so much more fun than I ever thought “grown-up” life could be. 🙂


John Stanforth is a software architect and web services developer in Los Angeles. He can be reached via email at js.blog at (trying to avoid spam) Stanforth dot org.


Imperial Hubris (“Anonymous”), a fascinating analysis of America’s foreign policy mistakes and why, as it’s subtitled, the West is losing the War on Terror.


The Power of Intention (Dr. Wayne Dyer), about resisting negativity, fostering the creative force, and staying connected at all times to the universal mind of intention.


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