Doc Asks for Linux Podcasting

Doc Searls asks about options for podcasting on Linux, a question that I’ve been thinking about quite a bit in the past couple weeks. It was quite a trick to get ample recording volume with Audacity, which seemed odd considering the Windows side worked beautifully with the same hardware. It may seem like a lot of work to go through when Windows podcasting already works so easily, but Doc raises a very good point…

While I enjoy and appreciate the iPod (as do millions of others), and while I believe that it pioneers a whole new category of device (no less important, culturally, than the transistor radio, forty-some years ago), it is designed to live in Apple’s silo, rather than as a free-range device in the world.

Linux is free-range.

Exactly correct. While I do have an iPod, it doesn’t work well with Linux (I’ve had lots of problems with gtkPod). So, I end up manually downloading a few podcasts (like Dave Winer’s excellent Morning Coffee Notes) and listening via xmms. There definitely has to be a better way.

I’d started building an RSS aggregator called BlogThought quite a while ago, but abandoned it when I got busy elsewhere and when the plethora of other aggregators made me question why we needed yet another. But perhaps with a new list of features to target — podcasting, BitTorrent support, a good three-pane UI on Linux, etc. — BlogThought is worth some effort after all… even if only because I want to use it myself.

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