Formalizing the Fanaticism

At one point a couple years ago, I talked to John Robb about an idea for a community-driven content site, and had lofty ambitions to build an all-volunteer news team (similar to Wikinews, in fact). At the time, John suggested a different approach, and reminded me that the Segway blog had just been mentioned by the WSJ, and how the secret was to own the topic. Great advice— something I obviously remember even now— but at the time, I couldn’t think of any topic I really wanted to own.

Over the next couple years, and without really looking for it, the topic found me. When you get to the point where colleagues at work are teasing you for being such a fan of someone/something, that’s a good sign you’ve found your topic. 🙂 As my friends know, I’ve been a fan of Sir Richard Branson for several years now… met him at a conference… got his autograph… all that. And especially with his upcoming marketing extravaganza into the US market, the timing seemed perfect to build out what I hope will be the “Slashdot of Branson news” at The site launched today, with design help from my friend Shawn, and now the real fun begins… We’re asking for reader ideas to figure out what direction to move in, what features to build, and what people really want to see. Along the way, we’re gathering all the web links, images, and even video we can find. (I’ve setup my Tivo to auto-record every Branson appearance, and setup my computer to download the video and convert it to normal mpeg.) With all of this content, we’re hopefully well on our way to being the single best source online for all news and information about the Virgin Group chairman. So check out the site, and of course, drop us an email at editors @ the new site name to let us know what you think.

Beware if you want to create a siteblog, I would recommend you read from here first before getting scam.

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