Halo Halloween Costume for my Young Child

Best Halo Halloween Costume of All time

The annual event of “treats and tricks” is approaching fast. If you need some advice in choosing your best Halloween costume for this year’s event, this article can help. We will review here three of the best Halo Halloween attires. The Halo brand is well known for its great Halloween costumes. In our opinion, their best costumes of all times are the Master Chief Costume for children, Blue Spartan Classic Muscle Costume and Spartan Locke Adult Costume. Check our reviews bellow and choose the best Halloween costume in order to better enjoy this year’s holiday.

Halo Halloween Costume Reviews

Master Chief Classic Muscle Costume for children
This is the best Halo boy’s costume. It comes with a microphone and voice changer. Your boy will certainly be excited with this great Halo Halloween costume. However, this costume will not include some of the additional body parts that come with its adult version, considering the fact that it was designed for children. The suit and the gloves are being available in various sizes. The helmet will suit 99 percent of children even if it comes always in the same size. In terms of body shape, the costume looks natural and realistic with detailed prints.
  •  It has a natural appearance.
  • It comes with voice changer.
  • The helmet’s design makes it easy to wear.
  • It provides ease and convenience in use.
  • It comes with properly saturated and bright colors.
  • The helmet is not full or vacuum-designed.

Blue Spartan Classic Muscle Costume

The Halo Spartan costume is another one on the list of the best Halloween attires from this popular brand. This suit’s appearance is more cartoon-like, making it more flexible when it comes to different events your child can attend. This model comes with two different helmets design choices. Another feature of this costume model is that it highlights more the fake “muscles”.
  • This model highlights better body shape.
  • It comes with variable and convenient helmet designs.
  • This model comes with bright and recognizable colors.
  • This Halloween costume is more neutral in appearance.

Spartan Locke Adult Costume

This Halo costume model is a stylish black suit. It looks rather dark, muscular, and more high-tech. It comes with quite different print that provides some unique visual features. The body shape is implemented here in the best possible way. The muscles on the arms look great and the shoulders are not that disturbing and more compact. The suit comes with unique helmet design.
  • It provides a look of great body shape
  • The costume features a stylish appearance
  • It comes with a compact design
  •  The back of the suit contrasts with the front too much, because it was designed to be high tech.


Among the list of the best Halo Halloween costumes of all times, we like the most the Spartan Locke Adult costume. This is the winner of our reviews because of its stylish black looks. The suit looks high-tech and dark. We think that it is very suitable for the Halloween event. This model features some different print that makes it stand out among the Halo’s offers.

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